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Introducing the HPC Portal for competences, training and information about HPC and HSUper at HSU.


The HPC Portal

We are delighted to announce the official launch of the High Performance Computing (HPC) Portal. It is an e-learning platform designed to target to the various needs of various target groups in the field of HPC. This platform is designed to offer learning materials and training resources.


HPC Training:

The HPC Portal will be designed to support users to tailor their learning experience according to their individual needs. Whether one is a novice seeking fundamental insights or a professional delving into advanced software engineering, the portal will accommodate multiple levels of expertise. The content encompasses various formats, including cheat-sheets, selflearning assessments, Open Educational Resources (OER), videos, instruction papers, technical documentation and more.


Comprehensive HPC Knowledge:

Reflecting the multifaceted nature of HPC, the portal will cover fundamental concepts, proficiency in utilizing HPC systems, software engineering insights, and an understanding of the diverse capabilities of HPC. Users can delve into manuals, strategies for overcoming technical challenges, and gain insights into the latest developments in the field.


Flexible Learning Possibilities:

Recognizing the diversity in learning preferences, the HPC Portal employs a range of delivery channels, including digital platforms, hybrid models, blended learning approaches, and on site sessions. This ensures accessibility and flexibility for participants, allowing them to engage with the content in a manner that suits their preferences.


Continuous Updates and Future Plans:

The HPC Portal is a dynamic platform, constantly evolving to meet the dynamic demands of the HPC landscape. Currently, we are in the process of creating additional learning formats to provide a continuous stream of fresh and relevant content. Stay tuned for exciting updates and the latest learning materials on the portal.


Building a Network of HPC Enthusiasts:

The HPC Portal transcends individual learning; it serves as a nexus for networking and collaboration. Thanks to this accessible portal, diverse target groups and interdisciplinary users can connect, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities for mutual growth. The portal aims to foster a vibrant community of HPC enthusiasts, creating a space for knowledge sharing and collaboration. Embark on your HPC learning journey with us at the HPC Portal. Whether you are a student, researcher, or industry professional, there is something for everyone. Explore the basic training materials, watch insightful videos, read engaging blog posts, and discover more about HSUper at the HSU.